Monday, June 20, 2011

Just Another Buggy Monday

Gremlins Fixed: A huge shout-out goes to NaturallyMaria on the forums for helping confirm and isolate these Gremlins from Yokai!  Thanks to Vivi for the fixes!  (I helped. Just saying so's you don't think I do nothing. Ha!).

Snake Master Arms: 
The damage boost and crit boost should be working now 
The NG special is functioning properly 

Tengu Wings: 
NG version now has correct specials (was using SC numbers before) 
BTH buff and debuff effects respect the stat cap 

Tiger FA: 
Respects the stat cap 
Does not reset itself to 0 when you reuse it 

Tiger BA: 
Now increases your boost properly

Also here are the weapon specials from Friday:

Phoenix (1 hit, SC) Quest Reward - Traveler
- 1.25 times damage 
- Chance for 1.5 time HP DoT over 5 turns 
- Chance for 1.5 time EP DoT over 5 turns 
- Chance for an HP Heal Over Time over 5 turns 
- Chance for an EP Heal Over Time over 5 turns 

Lightning (1 hit, SC) 
- 1.25 times damage 
- Chance for blinding effect, BtH NoT of -10 per turn for 5 turns 
- Chance for BtH BoT, +10 per turn over 5 turns 
- Chance for damage NoT, -10% per turn over 5 turns 
- Chance for damage BoT, +10% per turn over 5 turns 

Beam (2 hit, NG) 
- 1.5 times damage 
Hit 1: 
- Chance for a damage BoT of +10% per turn over 5 turns 
- Chance for a 1.5 time HP DoT over 5 turns 
- Chance for a 1.5 time EP DoT over 5 turns 
Hit 2: 
- Chance for a damage NoT, -10% per turn over 5 turns 
- Chance for a BtH buff of +50 for 5 turns 
- Chance for a BtH nerf of -30 for 5 turns 

Rift (2 hit, NSC) 

- Chance for 1.25 times damage 
First hit 
- Chance for a BtH buff of +20 for 5 turns 
- Chance for a 1.25 time HP DoT for 5 turns 
Second hit 
- Chance for a damage Buff of +15% for 5 turns 
- Chance for a 1.25 time EP DoT for 5 turns 

Thanks to blues for designing those, and to Vivi for coding them (and writing them up!) Also - Plasma Charge is the person I wanted to thank for reminding me about the MechQuest facebook page updates.   

Hope you all had a glorious weekend!  I went to a nice party and had ice cream and worked in the garden - and I'm still at war with the ants... having fun now working with the team to bring you something new!  See you on the forums!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wars Against Bugs

War on Bugs! Really the credit goes to Vivi for fixing the bugs in the Data Cell Head and the Mechatron!  I played a role in the process but his role involved cogitation and coding, while mine involved things like downsaving and uploading and rolling and databasing.  If that made sense to you, hooray! Anyway, my point is that I did the easy part.  And the Mechatron and Data Cell Head bugs should now be fixed.  There are some other bugs involving the Yokai planet rewards that are high on the list - but their fixes will come along in the next week or so, as I got distracted by... a Bug War??!!???

Yes, I was doing some real-life Bug Warring here in the Undisclosed Location. I've temporarily dubbed it "MidWestion!"  The ants came marching two by two - kerrick, kerrack, hurrah (if you get that reference in its entirety including the bits beginning with k, you win ... an acorn, man!)  Yeah, I am perhaps not the best housekeeper ever, but I do keep things pretty clean (if not tidy) - and with the wet weather and a missed sticky spill plus a stray raisin, the tiny ants thought they found a prime picnic spot here.  Thanks to real-life friends and facebook friends for the arsenal - I got ideas for ant deterrents and communications from diverse places including Sweden, Singapore, France, the US Midwest, and New York City.  I have only seen a couple of stragglers late to the picnic now that I've cleaned all three food/spice cabinets and counters with an ammonia-based cleaning product, and used other solutions such as crushed red pepper and cinnamon and sugarwater with soap and a chemical-free bug spray... if I combine all this with Cola perhaps we'll have a real-life Maegwyn's Bug Spray!  (Just don't mix chlorine and ammonia - Very Bad Things Happen!)  (I did not do that.  I'm just sayin' ...)

We have some cool stuff happening in the upcoming weeks - thanks for playing MechQuest, and stay tuned for the news here, on the forums, on twitter, and on our official facebook page  which we plan to start updating again on a regular basis!


Monday, January 31, 2011

Buggy Monday on Monday

Gremlins Squashed: Korin seems to have the Graupel (snowmecha series) finally playing nice with levels-with-you weapons, so ideally that will be the last of the Gremlins in these.  While he was fixing that, Vivi took care of a bug with the Chronomech, and the Lectrocast series (SC Front Arm reward from last Friday).  Also Vivi had me make a slight change to the Chronomech's Chrono Cannon description in the database.  It fires globs of oil now, not globs of "goo."  I got a couple of reports via PM about issues with what happens after you beat the boss in the Crystal Asteroid - coincidentally I had just learned about this issue while building the walkaround section of the Traveler quest part two.  So I got that tweaked so I think people will stop getting stuck.  Vivi was also working on a color-customizing bug in the Bladestorm arms, but something has gone a little wonky so we're holding off on that one for now so I could go ahead & roll the other stuff.

Ice Storm: Here at my Undisclosed Location we are having a wild ice storm that is forecast to be followed by deep snow and high winds.  So we're hoping I don't lose power - it's cutting a wide swath across the American Midwest.  We might even get thundersnow - exciting in a way.  It's already very glittery which is beautiful but not at all good. 

I want to hurry up & get back to putting something together for Friday, to get as much done as possible in case I do lose power. I was going to answer some questions in my next DNs but I guess I'll put that off again (sorry).  Hasta lluego!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Buggy Monday on Tuesday and Specials and More

Buggy Monday on Tuesday: Vivi fixed the weapons & mecha model, and I was able to fix the starship item. Vivi & I are a great team but of course it's thanks to all of you for reporting the issues, and thanks to the Gremlins Archknights neodiabolus and Terosin for confirming/replicating them, along with their work on the forum.  

  • Harvester Arms now have a Back Arm Graphic
  • Ice Harvester Mecha series now recognizes the caps to the defense and accuracy buffs
  • The Evil Jim Poster Portal now only works for the Starship Captain (same as the Mortis Map)

Korin tells me that he has questions on his Formspring about whether the heads on the Graupel and Droxal mechas have been fixed.  I haven't been able to find reports on the Gremlins forum and I suspect this bug may have been hanging around since last year with the original models.  So if you are trying to stun your opponent and you find that your mecha's head is attempting to stun you, please let us know the details at the above link, and meanwhile we'll be looking into what's going on with that.

Mecha and Weapons Specials:  Blues designed some nice specials for the new Star Captain and Nova Gem Ice Harvester mecha and the "broken-off" weapons for the non-Star Captains.  Vivi describes them:

Ice Harvester Mecha 
The non-default pieces of it are identical to the weapons on the SC mecha 
Specials are listed as SC (NG) 

Front Arm: 2 hits 
Hit 1: Chance for a crit, chance for +10 (+15) defense for three turns 
Hit 2: Chance for +10 (+15) bonus, doesn't wear off and stacks with itself/other weapons from the mecha 
Chance for a third shot that stuns the enemy if it hits 

Back Arm: 2 hits 
Hit 1: Chance for a crit, -15 (-20) bonus to the enemy for three turns 
Hit 2: -50 (-70) defense to the enemy for three turns 

Front Shoulder: 3 hits 
All hits have a high crit chance 
Each hit gives +5 (+8) Bonus, doesn't wear off and stacks with itself/other weapons from the mecha 

Back Shoulder: 3 hits 
All hits have a high crit chance 
Each hit gives +5 (+8) Defense, doesn't wear off and stacks with itself/other weapons from the mecha 

Head: 1 hit 
Chance to deal 135% (150%) damage 
Buff Over Time to Boost of +8 (+10) per turn for 5 turns 
NG only: chance for +10 Bonus, doesn't wear off and stacks with itself/other weapons from the mecha 

Body: 2 hits 
Hit 1: Chance for a crit, chance to give +10 (+15) defense for 5 turns 
Hit 2: Chance to give +10 (+15) defense for 5 turns (stacks with the first hit), chance for +10 (+15) Bonus, doesn't wear off and stacks with itself/other weapons from the mecha 

New Year!  As 3010 draws to a close, on behalf of the entire MechQuest team I'd like to thank all of you for your loyal and continued support of the game!  Whether you started playing years ago or just discovered MQ today, we never forget that it is you who keeps us going!  Thank you so much for playing MechQuest!  

Maybe you've already supported us by upgrading - Star Captains get exclusive giftbox weapons that will open on New Year's Day - there is still time to upgrade and get your own free giftbox weapons! Also as a way of thanking you for your support, this year we designed the Frostval Mecha "Ice Harvester" model for Star Captains and Nova Gems.  If you are non-Star Captain and/or don't have the Nova Gems for this, we did "break off" the head and arms so that you can get a 'taste' of what this Holiday mecha model has to offer.  

AExtras and SuperRewards: You probably know about using AExtras to earn Nova Gems, but did you know that you can get BattleOn Game Points and use them toward Nova Gems or even to upgrade to Star Captain?  (Along with opportunities for all of our games, of course.)  Log in to the Portal Site to check out ways to earn BattleOn Game Points!  Click on the "Get Points" tab after you log in - SuperRewards is a fabulous opportunity with a selection of completely FREE offers.  It has its own tab on the Get Points page, so definitely give it a click!

Happy Holidays and stay tuned - we have more happening for the New Year!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bugfix Monday and Some Frostval News

Bugfix Monday: Yesterday (Monday) Korin was able to fix a blackscreen issue that had been hanging around for a while on exiting the Inn at Khaeldron.  If you try to walk out the way you walked in, the big "Leave?" button will now take you outside the door of the Inn.

Frostval News: 

  • On Wednesday, the Star Captain Gift Boxes will arrive in the Holiday Shop in Soluna City with the snowfall.  
  • Then on Friday, when we bring back last year's Frostval on Planet Thoh, we will NOT be re-releasing last year's Zorbos (the Shoulder Weapon and the Starship Item).  Instead, we will be releasing a 3010 version of each, with a new look and a less-strong version of the weapon specials, for Nova Gems
    • If you still have last year's version of the Ticklish Zorbo shoulder, you should NOT sell it - it will scale to L45 beginning on Friday.
  • We will be releasing a higher-level version of the "Frozen" series mecha models from 2009
  • We are looking at selecting other weapons and possibly mecha models from past years to include at higher levels also.

In Other News:  

  • I keep forgetting to post on the Design Notes the Official Answer to a rumor that needs to be laid to rest. The Luck stat does NOT increase the rate of weapon specials.
  • We accidentally skipped a thread of Museum Artwork submissions, so we've got some chosen for the next new exhibit already - and please visit the Art Museum Submissions Forum  to post your new artwork! 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buggy Monday on Tuesday and Calendar PreOrders

Buggy Monday on Tuesday! We worked yesterday and this morning on fixing some of the Gremlins that crept in to things - here's the list


  • Removed an incorrect description from mod SC dB5



  • Fixed missing color on Skelapunk FA hand & finger   
  • Korin added color to missile popups
  • Corrected the HP values on the chassis to display correctly for NSC  
  • New Feature: Korin added Color-Customization feature for SC players and on the NG models


  • <s>Back Arm</s> HEAD no longer causes NaN bug when battled in PvP 
  • Body of AC-490 can trigger damage-increasing effect now - and Back Arm

er, ooops - durrrrr - (via IRC: 

  • <&Vivi> oh Mae, it was the head causing the NaN bug in PvP XD
  • <~Mae|Highlight> oh ha 
  • <&Vivi> BA and Body are for triggering damage boost
  • <~Mae|Highlight> I'll just quote that shall I?

This was a fun set of fixes - Vivi showed me how to fix the missing color stuff and he fixed AC-490 - Korin added the extras on Skelapunk and we decided to wait until today to roll everything ... which was great because he got a letter in the mail from a player who reported that his HP value on the Skelator model wasn't displaying correctly.  I was able to fix that so it is live in this set of fixes as well.  As always, thanks for reporting your bugs in the Gremlins forum and even by mail!   

Calendar Pre-Orders!

Great news - we are doing a second print run on the calendars!  You still have time to get a Chronomech in MQ and the other games' promo items as well!  Go to HeroMart  now to pre-order your 2011 "Year of the Moglin" AE Calendar!  Hurry before these all sell out... 


Monday, October 25, 2010

Buggy Monday

Typofixing on Mortis 3009 (2009? What year is it?)

Jack's dialogue was a bit typorrific, so words such as

  • calibur (now, properly, caliber)
  • unpredictaclbe (unpredictable)
  • cemetary (should be cemetery everywhere now - including on the map rollover - except possibly in one quest end ...)

and grammatical oddnesses 

  • "she left a copy of when" (inserted an "it")

should now be corrected in Mortis 3009 (2009?) 

Weapon Fix:

And, thanks to Vivi, the Tiger Roar heads should now be working as intended.

Hope you had a great weekend - I know I surely did - looking forward to the 3010 Mogloween excitement this Friday!!!!!!!

Thanks for playing, and Battle ON! 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Mini

A Mid-Week Mini-Release?!!?

As I hinted on the forums, all did go well, and Vivi coded up more specials for the Non-Star-Captain Dropship weapons!  He's putting together a note on what everything does so I'll add that in when he's done.  Oh he's done already!


  • Salvaged Pulse Laser: Good chance at -25 bonus for 3 turns on hit
  • Squire's Volt Sword: Good chance at +25 boost for 3 turns on hit
  • Double Autogun: Very Good chance at -30 defense for 3 turns on hit


  • Used Gatling Gun: Good chance for EP DoT for 3 turns on hit
  • Mecha Boomstick: 140% damage
  • Bargain Bin Laser: Good chance for -25 boost for 3 turns on hit
  • Refurbished Machine Gun: Very good chance on each hit to raise bonus by 10 for 3 turns 


  • Freshman Laser Pointer: Good chance for an extra shot that does 50% damage 

Thanks, Vivi!  We'll have a part three with some Heads - ideally next week but we're not promising an exact timeframe on those yet.

Update to Dropship Interface:

In response to some feedback (thanks for passing this along, neodiabolus) Korin has given SysZero a button to Tek's Dropship Shop, with a bit of extra dialogue.  

Yokai Mantis Quest Bugfix:

A couple of Gremlins reports came in with people being unable to unlock the Mantis Master.  I found where the problem was hiding, and Korin helped me with updating the code!  I'm starting to understand those kinds of bugs a little better, so this was a really exciting fix.  

Exciting Week: Monday Bugfixes, Friday is Almost Here, Azami is Back from Hiatus, and Other Notes!

This has been an exciting week already!  On Monday, we got a few bugs fixed with the new minigame 

  • Invincible enemy on stage six is no longer invincible 
  • The triple shots now work on a timer, so you don't have to wait until all the bullets fly off the screen, but only on the triple shots 
  • Level skipping bug is gone 

Also I am going to be insufferably proud of myself and make a big deal out of this: I found and fixed the Hoverscythe A infamous "damage oover time" bug!  It was the weirdest thing ever - "oover" just didn't exist - everything looked A-Ok - and then he would attack with that arm and it would pop up again... "damage oover time."  Well, I tried something new and different, and Vivi & I tested it, and it worked!

Speaking of testing - Azami's schedule has freed up enough now so that he is back with us on the pre-testing and planning and bug-squashing again!  I'm so excited I'm dancing...

...Speaking of dancing... the forum member caneyempor was inspired to post a thread about having a Mechquest dance!  Circe, who is very excited about this, showed me the thread - and I got very excited about it as well.  I was hesitant at first, because these kinds of decisions are made by Korin, whether we are even considering an idea - so when I saw Korin online this morning I pounced him  and gave him the link.  He said he is game for a "prom" - some kind of Spring Dance!  When he said that, I danced, and then I messaged Circe (because  we're both so excited) and emailed Lyris (because her pre-staff suggestions post had something related to this) and put something up to alert the whole MQ team. So please use this link to discuss your ideas - the MechQuest team is listening and starting to put together plans for the future. In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm IM-ing with Lyris!

...Speaking of plans for the future... Korin has given his blessing to me and Vivi to work on the parts of the S.O.O.N. list that we can tackle without needing the entire team!  As in, stuff that doesn't require completely new art, or complex coding, and so on.  So we are going through the list making an assessment - we'll have news and results for you... er... soon (haha! get it? soon!)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cosmic Talon - and What's Next?

Star Captain Monthly: Cosmic Talon!  The NEW SCMM is now released - wouldn't it just figure it would give us technical difficulties when we were SO CLOSE to releasing it right on schedule... Well it's in Tek's special monthly shops NOW - and we're hoping that it is now Gremlin-free (as in, no bugs) and that you all enjoy it.  I or blues will write up its specials later, but for now you should have fun playing with it and putting it through its paces.

What's Next?  Well we had a few things planned in a certain order - and then Korin reassessed "popular demand" as we were all reading the forums, and so the playable "Bruce" and "Chuck" mechas are now next up in line.  You really really really want those.  So the Star-Captain-Only quest on Yokai will be delayed, and the Soluna Art Museum's next exhibit may also have to wait a bit longer. Those things are still coming though as well.

No Buggy Monday News This Week?!??  Well I have some typos fixed in various areas but I didn't want to put those up for testing until after we had the SCMM ready.  Because I probably didn't break anything while fixing typos in a zone, but imagine if we didn't have time to test it & it rolled Live by accident when the SCMM rolled and what if I somehow broke an entire planet... I have nightmares about this... so yeah, holding off another week on those typos.  Innocent

Thanks for playing MechQuest & enjoy your week - be talking with you again soon!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Buggy Monday Tuesday Too!

Monday's Typofixes:
1) Viking body attack - now the popup says "Ragnarok" instead of Rangnarok

2) The Valkyrie series SC and NSC models - back shoulder effect in enemy status view now says Surgery instead of Sugery
Skuld, Hrund, Brynhildr, Hlokk, Skalmold, Herja

I know it doesn't sound like a huge lot of fixes, but I fixed these all by myself - granted, it's not terribly tough ... once I learned where to look - but I'm still pretty proud of myself! Vivi tested to be sure I didn't break anything while fixing them - thanks, Vivi!

Tuesday Fix, plus another typofix:

The big, important fix, thanks to Korin, is that now you absolutely MUST gain 100% control of the Dojo before you can advance to the Snake Temple.  This was getting people stuck.  Sorry!  Now, after you gain 100% control, you will be able to complete the Snake quest and move forward! (And you shouldn't see the Snake quest at all until you have 100% Dojo Control!)

Then, a series of typos are now fixed in the Mantis quest, where in various places, instead of Mantis the word Monkey was showing.

We are now getting this week's release ready - prepare for a little break from Yokai because the 4th of July Holiday is on its way!  We have some serious fireworks in store for you... Now that I have finished pestering Korin with my Thousand Tuesday Questions, he is concentrating on tweaking that 4th of July mecha and working on a very fun quest, so as usual, stay tuned for more infoz!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Gremlins-Squished Monday!

Korin fixed two pesky and much-desired-to-be-fixed Gremlins today:

Mohawk Back Arm:
The decrease in opponent's stun resistance is now working as intended; you will find that you have a much higher rate of stunning against those with high stun-res!

Seed Shooters:
This weapon's stun resistance was also not working as intended, causing an unusually high failure rate. Now, equip for hugely increased chance of success!

Two fixes don't sound like a lot, but this is actually huge - these required tons of testing - big thanks to Vivi for the assist! We also began work on some future fixes that require more tweaking and testing - may I say I hate NaN with a passion? I do love naan bread though, so go figure... ha ha ha!

Korin has laid out the guidelines for this week's release, and Warlic will be "driving the bus," as they say. We've got a full team even with Korin's mini-away-ness (he's just one text-message away, and my phone is charged and ready; note that he already prepped everything so we are all good)! I am sure you will be delighted with what we've got in store for this Friday, and I can hardlly wait...

Also today, Warlic coded up the initial monster for the next Temple of Masters assault, so we're already making progress towards Friday! This boss is now in balance mode, as he's tough tough tough. Speaking of which - incoming transmission from blues!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unbugglifying... Wednesday!

We had a "Buggy Monday" that was tested further on Tuesday, with typofixes added, and then finalized and rolled Live on Wednesday this week. When you log in, here is the list of what we've fixed:
House Mascot weapons now work properly when you are in the correct House, and disable properly when you are not
Exiting the Dojo on Planet Yokai now properly loads your character into the scene, so you're not invisible.
Circe's Museum Map dialogue no longer cuts off when playing in the smallest resolution.

Zargon Comic Issue #5 - now displays player name on 'page 2'
Police Zone - Many typos fixed, in the police station and within the quests!

Along with all this fixing, we've been working steadily on this week's upcoming release and continuing to prepare some of the things we've been hinting at in Design Notes and Newsletters..

The Story Project continues (in-game instructions for meeting the requirements for The Dragonoid Saga) - this involves such things as recording the technical details of precisely what opens up when, taking account of people having done quests in a non-linear progression. O I got SO MAD at Mayor Roy Silver! 4 steps ago, the new Story Buttons told me: "Qjik-Han needs some help with a project. He's just west of Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha in the Khaeldron Research Labs. " Then I completed Catch a Thief - and he told me to... go help Qjik-Han at the research labs...I was all yelling at him, "I JUST DID THAT, IDJIT!"

However, after further testing of possible quest completion sequences, Vivi assures me that my "Wait, WHAT did you just say?" reaction was a fluke...So yeah, we're working to get this properly accurate progression-wise, rather than pushing something out telling you to do x when you know nothing of y as of yet. Because it's not just about what you need to do - it's a matter of when, and why! (Huge shout-outs to Vivi & Lyris & Korin for the team effort here!)

Another thing we've kept hinting at is a Star-Captain-Only quest. It's been "Coming Soon" in the newsletter for weeks now. The pre-planning on this has resulted in its turning into an awesome quest (if I do say so myself) - and it fits better into a timeframe that is still a few releases away. So yes, it is coming soon - when the time is right!

Khelios (formerly known as Personater) is the Head Moderator of the Mech Quest Art Museum Submissions Forum - he told the entire AE staff about the REALLY awesome submissions coming in already! So please check out the art your fellow-players are submitting, and don't hesitate to post your own! We're all insanely psyched about the Art Museum displaying your selected submissions!

Now, speaking of the Art Museum... many of you have been hunting madly for the 'hidden feature' - those boxes that say, "Do not kick," and that one next to it that says there's a noise coming from it? If you're there... you're in the right place. Reading the anticipation on the forums, I'm rather certain that some of you have found the existing 'feature' already and were perhaps expecting something spectacular when in fact it is currently set up as "amusing...." It was something I had to position just right for it to work at all,.. but in fact, it's not like it turns into a Jack-in-the-Box or anything. It's just a combination of 'possible action' plus 'mouseover' that's funny...

Have fun - be safe - and don't forget to add a little ketchup!


Monday, June 7, 2010


Warlic performed his magic on the NaN insta-kill that was occurring against the Crane (if you stunned him) - and that was also happening if you got stunned while wearing the AC-490

Other fixes to AC-490:
-non-default shoulders now equip frontwards
-name & description of default shoulders is also no longer backwards (I fixed that last week actually, & forgot to mention it)
-Ticklish Zorbo now negates the default Front Arm's Defense BoT (it was allowing you to buff up too quickly when used together) - when the Zorbo effect wears off, you now must use the FA again to start over from +8, increasing.

Korin also fixed these things today:
# King Techdorah shoulder - back shoulder HP DoT now works
# Corrupted Arthurian Lion bug where the boost effect on ShS only worked once before needing a re-equip is now fixed
# Masque of the Bat life tap is now damaging the opponent, and the 30% damage boost is applying
to the attack

It doesn't look like anyone on the forums has figured out the hidden "feature" in the Museum at the pair of boxes yet. It is still too early to spoil it, I think, so I will tell you that it is in the sculpture area, it is not the pair of boxes with the extra arrow, and it is not in the room with the Employees Only door. Those are the only hints I'll give you for now... *stops whispering*

And now, as promised, the note from Blues!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bugfixing Tuesday!

This was an exciting weekend for me, because I was able to fix two Gremlins that weren't plain typofixes! Just small things, but this means I can help a little more, and I find that thrilling. Apparition helped test those and indeed the fixes worked! Korin fixed some other things so that we now have a nice fixlist to give you. Also the other excitement was that I had a nice little mini-vacation Sunday overnight through Monday - and saw something that might have been an otter! It wasn't a snake, and there was no tailslap like a beaver would most likely do when startled, and the only other likely thing that would be diving sleekly underwater in this swamp was a River Otter!

Anyway, here's the fixlist:

A) Note: in the Parts quest, the battles to defend the Daily Zargon Headquarters are not intended to heal you - you only get healed after the Refinery battles. Not a bug.

B) Typos fixed in speech bubbles with Bruce Benner at the end of Rescue the Heroes

Westion: Walkaround with Homesteader fixed

Desert Nosferatu - one lingering issue where a popup said the enemy was affected instead of the player, now fixed. (Used to say, "Enfeeblement! Desert Nosferatu grows weaker!" Now correctly displays player's name.)

Female Elf costume now jingles as intended.

Color on Automorph BA no longer changes to default blue on animation.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Buggy Mo.. wait...what?

No Buggy Monday today. We have a few fixes made but they're mainly typo fixes. Maegwyn is elsewhere today and rather than release a tiny set of bugfixes, I figure it might be a better idea to wait until tomorrow when she comes back so we can make a better update and I'm sure all of you would appreciate that too.

This week, you can expect the NEW STAR CAPTAIN MONTHLY MECHA!! So you better get the Morehawk while you can! After Friday's release, it will be gone forever! The name of the new SCMM is the AC-490! I'll post pictures as soon as I can. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the sketches.

Also this week you'll be fighting your first boss on Planet Yokai! We'll be fighting the Snake in the Temple of Masters! Miko will also have some new weapons for you and you will also get a special boss weapon upon defeating the boss!

So until tomorrow, I'll leave you all with that bunch of info. Enjoy and be sure to check back tomorrow!