Friday, June 22, 2012

Traveler Reward and Player Suggestion and More

Interface Update and New Weapons

You may have already noted a change to the main interface this week.  The News Screen no longer pops up automatically when you enter a new area.  Instead, a new News button has been added just under the Options button on your main screen so that now you may read the News whenever you like! Except during battle.  You can read the news during battle, but we don't recommend it.  It's rumored that the Gremlins like that sort of thing.  

We'll be looking at more bugfixing in the next few weeks and doing a lot of major planning as well. There is a 4th of July mecha coming - updated artwork of an ancient model along with new animations and of course new specials!  And that's just one of many things happening behind the scenes.

Here's Plasma Charge from the forums, with the weapons news!

This week there are two HOT! new back arm weapons being released in Soluna!
The first of these - the Phoenix Spear - has been specially commissioned by the Traveler for Star Captains who have helped him and Maria 5 so far!
This new weapon combos perfectly with the rest of the set, by not only having a chance for HP and EP DoTs, but also supporting the other weapons by giving them increased chance to hit!
Meanwhile, Tek's Mechs is also receiving a new shipment of back arms:  the new OverHeat model inspired by GASKAL!
Created for intermediate level pilots, this weapon has it all: increased damage, a powerful DoT - and against equippable enemies it has a chance to increase  the cooldowns of the enemy's arms and shoulders.
So there you have it - a blazing new addition to the Phoenix series and a piping hot new weapon with the possibility to change PvP as we know it!

Thanks - that was a fantastic writeup, Plasma Charge! 

And thanks to all of you - have a great weekend!  Thanks so much for playing and for your support - and please tell all your friends about MechQuest!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Romero Finale and Valk Prime

Romero Finale: With what amounted to 4 new cutscenes, a new battle style, the first-ever Transforming Starship, AND the Valkyrie Prime mecha, this was a GINORMOUS release.  

One for the Bloopers file - we had My Very Own Little Paladin following us around for a while during testing.... adorable lttle mini-starship.  I did save a screenie of it but I feel it's a spoiler so I won't put it up here.

New Mecha: Valkyrie Prime! Models for everyone! Star Captain, non-Star Captain, and Nova Gem.  It's a zombie-slayer with a Paladin-oriented Medic-styled healing theme.  

--and here is Vivi with Valkyrie Prime Specials:

Against Zombies: Gets +15 (20, 25) Boost 

FA: 3 Hits 
- Hit 1: -5 (7,9) BtH, +5 (7,9) defense for 3 turns, 35(40,45%) damage 
- Hit 2: -5 (7,9) BtH, +5 (7,9) defense for 3 turns, 40 (45,50%( damage 
- Hit 3: -5 (7,9) BtH, +5 (7,9) defense for 3 turns, 45(50,55%) damage 

BA: 1 Hit 
- normal (1.5 time,double) EP DoT for 3 turns 
- against zombies, deals a normal (1.5 times, double) HP DoT for 3 turns 
- Good chance for a crit 
- NG only: Cuts the Damage Reduction of a Zombie in half 

Shoulders: 2 Hits 
Both hits heal your HP for 66 (80, 100)% of the damage dealt. *1.5 healing against a zombie. 

Body: 3 Hits 
- Hit 1: High chance for a crit, 50 roll for a 1.5 time HP DoT, reduces immobility resistance by 30 
- Hit 2: High chance for a crit, 50 roll for a 1.5 time EP DoT, reduces immobility resistance by 50 and tries to stun, chance to deal EP damage equal to (HP damage * 0.66). 

Head: 5 Hits 

- Hit 1: +5 (6,7) BtH, +5 (6,7%) damage for 5 turns, 20% damage 
- Hit 2: +5 (6,7) BtH, +5 (6,7%) damage for 5 turns, 30% damage 
- Hit 3: +5 (6,7) BtH, +5 (6,7%) damage for 5 turns, 40% damage 
- Hit 4: +5 (6,7) BtH, +5 (6,7%) damage for 5 turns, 50% damage 
- Hit 5: +5 (6,7) BtH, +5 (6,7%) damage for 5 turns, 60% damage, NG only: Good chance for a crit 

Thank you so much, Vivi,  for writing that up & programming it all on to the mecha! And thanks to blues for specials design before going on lovely vacation!  

Speaking of vacations, wish Korin a blast on his! And bless his soul for coming in tonight - from his vacationing location - to help sort out the last of the Gremlins!   Huzzah for the testers,  and I'll probably bring you more news early next week.  Have a grand weekend & thanks for playing!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Zargon Geekatron Chassis and Weapons

Higher-Level Zargon Geekatron Chassis - PLUS Corresponding Weapons!  Due to popular demand on the forums, and discussion sparked by the ArchKnight Thiefboy109, I spoke with Korin & we decided that this week would be good to bring you higher levels of the Zargon Geekatron chassis.  The levels correspond with the limited-time Avenger-Themed weapons which will remain in the Event shop until 7PM Server time tonight.  Also after listening to your forum comments, we will have non-rare versions of these set up somewhere on Zargon when we get a few details decided - they will not be identical to the limited-time-shop ones but they will be similar and will have Geekatron combo effects.

Yes, I'm crazy enough to get up early to do higher-level versions of all the regular weapons that go with the promised new chassis at each level ... only something like around 100 new entries in the database... Check the weapons shops on Zargon!

...and whoops! I did accidentally leave the Level 30 body weapons equipped to all the chassis models at release time but that was an easy fix & didn't take long for me to set up properly.  That fix is already implemented, so please refresh your browser and you will have the correct body weapon!

Gremlin Fixes and News! This release brings some other fixes from Vivi: a fix to the Guardian mechas which were giving a mysterious endless-loading issue.  The Loki (extremely rare) One-Hit-KnockOut, or OHKO, was not quite functioning as intended, so that was also addressed.  Regarding that OHKO, it may be behaving oddly with the Simu-Castle in the Star Captain Club, along with the Castle on Necryptos, so we are still sorting that out.  Thank you all so much for your reports!  Special thanks to Plasma Charge for all the Gremlins work during school exams!  Ello is coming back to being active in Gremlins when his exams are complete, and welcome to Practel who will also become an active Gremlins AK after exams are over (and actually Practel's school is now over for the summer).  

"Back" Button Added - the ArchKnight golden1231 noted that Helia's dialogue at the new Challenge Mode missions on Planet Romero was missing a "Back" button, so I added one.  Thanks!

If all goes as planned, the Romero finale will be ready for next week's release!  So far all is going well aside from some issues with the movieclip that signifies player placement within cutscenes.  There are unintentional gravity-defying effects in one cutscene, and in another, the character looms very large, blocking dialogue and very definitely taking center-stage.  Which is of course exactly as it should be!

Seriously, you guys do take center stage and we are so excited to bring you more MechQuest every week!  Have fun over the weekend and thanks for playing!