Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Undead Assaut is LIVE!

Our New Infinite Runner Mobile Game Now Available!

We just went LIVE on Android and iOS with our new undead-slaying infinite runner, Undead Assault! You are Artix the Paladin… the town people’s only hope against a horde of skeletal zombie warlords!

Sure, you start this infinite runner wearing your underpants and swinging around a rusty sword… but a dozen brag worthy high scores later you can replace that useless hand of yours with a chainsaw. Undead slayers forever... “So slay we all!”

Play Undead Assault NOW on Apple and iOS devices!

Get Undead Assault on the Google Play App Store  and the Apple iOS store for free NOW and be the first to battle an unstoppable and crazy army of the undead!

• 5 Paladin weapon & armor sets… each with a “special” attack O_O
• “Battle on!” theme song by One-Eyed Doll 
• Upgradable Power Ups!
• Collect rare loot… no idea what it does, but it is collectible. So. Yeah. Collecting! 
• “Legend of Artix” book… can you find the mysteriously missing pages?

• An inspired re-make of the original viral hit flash game, Undead Assault
• Yup, Daimyo, the Undead Slaying Pomeranian, is actually a real dog.
• Truth, justice and righteousness are an excellent source of calcium when served with milk.

AQWorlds players get a special perk for buying the 3X Multiplier

Get the Daimyo Pet in Undead Assault and unlock the Artix's Golden Paladin armor, helm, and axe in AdventureQuest Worlds when you buy the 3X Multiplier. Head into AQWorlds and find the Undead Assault badge in your Book of Lore, then equip your gear and get to Undead-Slaying! 

The AQW account linking is not live for Apple devices... YET but will be coming very soon (3-5 days, we hope. It will be up as soon as Apple publishes our update!) The linking is live on the Google Play Store right now!

Your Objectives

1.     Do not die.

2.     Do NOT die.

3.     Rescue Villagers

4.     Kill them Undeadz (um… can you kill something that’s already dead??)

5.     Level up

6.     Equip new Loot

7.     Kill more baddies

8.     Unleash special attacks to dominate the battlefield (like summoning a giant dragon or an undead-slaying Pomeranian, because... WHY NOT?) 

9.  Collect Gold and Experience

10.  Get the high score!

11.  Repeat steps 1 thru 11

Recruit More UndeadSlayers

Once you have downloaded the game and slain the undead, your mission is... Help this game go viral faster than a zombie outbreak!  Please Like and share Undead Assault on Facebook and Twitter to bring even MORE Undead Slayers to the Party!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Don't Fear the Reaper


Tonight the Reaper makes its spooky return! It's available now in the Star Captain Club! It has a bit of a different twist on what the Morehawk did. The more health your foe has the stronger its effects will be, but the less damage your attacks will do. The less health your foe has the weaker the effects will be, but the more damage your attacks will do.

Terrifying Scythe
FA - 1 hit
100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
CD 4
Inflicts a 4 turn, -((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.45), Bonus Nerf.
Inflicts a 4 turn, -((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.45), Hit Nerf.

Ethereal Blade
BA - 2 hits
100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
CD 3
Inflicts a 3 turn, ((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.018)x, HP DoT.
Inflicts a 3 turn, ((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.018)x, EP DoT.

Mark for Death
FS - 1 hit
100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
CD 2
Applies a 2 turn, ((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.4), Bonus Buff to you.
Inflicts a 2 turn, -((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.2), Defense Nerf.

Wicked Chakram
BS - 1 hit
100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
CD 2
Inflicts a 2 turn, -((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.45), Boost Nerf.

Induce Terror
HD - 4 hits
100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
CD 3
Applies a 2 turn, ((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.6), Boost Buff to you.
Applies a 2 turn, ((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.5), Hit Buff to you.

BD - 2 hits
100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
CD 4
Inflicts a 3 turn, -((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.6), ImmoRes Nerf.
Second hit attempts to stun at current ImmoRes.

As you can see the nerfs/buffs aren't super strong when your foe is full health, but the damage this mecha can do will let you swiftly take your foes down!

Along with this, Mortis has returned! You can now catch up on anything you've missed in the previous years and get ready for this year's event. (It'll start next week!)

For those of you wondering. The Ultra OmniBlade will transform, and the follow up quest to it will happen at the END of the month or when the AQW war is won. I need a bit more time to get the quest ready and the original plan was to make the stuff live when the AQW war was won, so that's what I'm sticking with!

Hope you all enjoy!


Friday, October 2, 2015

8th Anniversary

Greetings! Tonight we're celebrating 8 years of mechtacular fun! Mechquest officially went into it's open testing phase on October 1st, 2007. Since then we've gone through a lot of things, including the universe being blown up, but through it all you, the players, have stuck around to play. All of us on the MQ team, both past and present, thank you for your support and hope you'll continue to enjoy the content we put out every week. We know it's not always a lot but we do our best to make sure you have something fun to do every week!

You can ride the floorivator in Tek's now to pick up the 3015 starship items as well as check out the various mecha's you can earn.