Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I see everyone is freaking out that we haven't said much so I decided that while I'm still here at the Underground Lab today that I would go ahead and let you know what's going on.

First off, 2 holidays right next to each other. Both holidays appear to be things people want celebrated pretty badly. Unfortunately, coming up with a new mech in a week is flat out impossible with the current schedule everyone has. We're all working very hard on the next several releases already so that their content will be ready. Unfortunately, that leaves us little time for this week so to answer questions,

I will begin with no. There is no April Fools mecha this year. We thought about reviving one of the old ones but I think of those as extreme rares and I would be hesitant to rerelease those. The Easter mecha seem less-rare to me so for mechas this week, you'll be getting a revived Easter mecha. I don't think we've figured out which one yet and if we did, I've forgotten it since I'm trying to get a dozen other things in order.

I will continue by saying that there will still be an April Fools item and maybe some foolery going on. The item seems to be in demand but we'll see when it launches. Only thing we haven't decided is if we should roll the item at midnight tonight or Thursday at normal roll time, followed by the Easter stuff on Friday. So more to come on that.

I'm hoping to make it so the old Easter quests are replayable. I need to talk with Warlic about how to set that up because it seems like the Easter releases were set up in the most chaotic way possible.

That said, there will be a new, single fight Easter quest and it will have 2 rewards. One being the revived mecha, the other being a monster mecha.

And trust us when I say we're all well aware about how disappointed you will be since you've been expecting one all week. It just won't happen, at least not this week. If I were to try and compromise, I would suggest that we schedule an April Fools day mecha on May. And call it the "April Fools Edition Mecha Now in May" mecha. Any of you have thoughts on that? I'm perfectly willing to try and make a solution but thinking of us as realistic human beings, it just won't happen this week but I'm willing to work with you all on coming up with something as exciting.

On a lighter note, we're changing some sound effects soon. Don't be alarmed. I started playing with some audio tools and I figured out how to make them with more bass and they sound nice. However, feedback is always welcome and we'll change them back if you guys don't like them.

That's all I have to say right now, I think. So we apologize for the inconvenience (since I'm sure there is one) but let us know what you think about delaying an April Fools mech to a not-April-1st date.


Monday, March 29, 2010

We're Insane!

Korin has been plotting and planning and eating pickles with peanut butter and pumpernickel and porpoises (ew!) and probably parrots and peccaries (and ketchup) - or something like that. Maybe he doesn't even like pickles. But his favorite color is green. So I highlilght stuff in green for him. But I can't say much about all that just yet. I know you want more news about this week than what I'm saying. But my lips are zipped for now. Expect insanity!!

Personater & I worked on a Buggy Monday starting on ... Thursday? Saturday? Well, whatever day we started - we're making GREAT progress on the Lucky Nubertron, and on the Nuberizing special. (I take too much credit - Perso's done the coding, and I've just been testing & saying "Hey wait, not perfect yet.") So blame me for the delay with the bugfix! I may have driven Perso over the edge into insanity (join the club!) We're just going to get those Nubertrons to stop doing strange things. Over the weekend I also added some commas and a period, maybe a dash and an ellipse - to the Friday speech bubbles - and fixed a couple of mouseovers. Yay me! But it's best if this all waits to roll Live at once. And it will. When it's good to go, but not before.

Tentative Plans for Buggy "Mondays"
With work schedules and timezones and whatnot, we may be having "Buggy Mondays" on a Tuesday or a Wednesday in the upcoming weeks. We've got an insanely dedicated gang working on getting ALL the bugs out of MQ. I have a fancy, complicated, prioritized, color-coded List going. The ArchKnights neodiabolus, phoenixfire555, and Terosin have been combing the Gremlins forum for older as-yet-unfixed bugs, as well as keeping on top of the newer ones & alerting me to them. Azami, blues, Korin, Personater, and Warlic all have their unique skills they lend to the process. I can fix a thing or two, and I'm horribly bossy telling x to test y, and z to fix m, and r isn't quite perfect yet, and everyone goes qq...

Of course you who report the bugs on the forums are key in letting us know what's not working as intended. Thank you all so much!!

Choco Bun-Z! Our special Game Card promotion is back! For a limited time you can get the Choco Bun-Z in Mech Quest by redeeming your Artix Entertainment Upgrade card to upgrade to Star Captain or to get more Nova Gems.

If Artix Entertainment Upgrade cards aren't in your area, and I hear on the forums that they're not available everywhere:

Our game cards are available in the US, Canada, and UK at Target, BestBuy, WHSmith, Sobeys, Needs, Safeway... and a bunch of others... even including some gas stations like Cumberland Farms! (See a full list of stores carrying our cards at: http://www.battleon.com/card/ ) If our cards are not available in your area, please let us know on this forum post http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17433515 and we will send the list to the card company letting them know! If for any reason you are unable to get one of our game cards, don't worry. We have more amazing items coming for you in the next releases for everyone -- regardless of where you are located. Thank you for supporting the MechQuest Team during this special promotion if you are able!


Friday, March 26, 2010

FINALLY!!!! Oh and now I has name under picture.

Holy cow.... The last few days have been severely long. It's been an odd week. First off, congratulations to Jemini. She has finally graduated college with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree! Good for her. I hope she enjoys her debt like the rest of us. I mention this though because she was doing a lot this week getting ready for graduation and making sure she wouldn't fail. So she wasn't available as much as she usually is which is perfectly understandable given the circumstances. Warlic and Yergen Von Shmergenbergen were given a big deadline so they were unable to help. So the result? A litle bit of a late release but a total level up on our part.

I just want to say that I feel we did great this week. Everyone was on their A-game. Maegwyn's been sticking it out with me through most of these late nights (though in the end I won by staying up til 6AM this morning working only to wake up 3 hours later and begin working again :P). Arklen vectorized and animated the weapons very quickly. They came back looking great. Blues made specials right away and Personator coded them excellently despite the fact that we were confused out of our minds. Azami endlessly assisted the testing of every little thing. It was hectic. In the end, we still needed some more help so I brought on another team player whom happens to be getting debuted in the game today. Char (Charfade) provided all of the art for the backgrounds of the walkaround quest. She also designed her own character and Jemini did a great job adding the shadows, highlights, and making small adjustments. It may not take you guys long to beat at all but in the end, this was a great release in my opinion. It's thrusting us into the next arc of the story which will remain fairly constant excluding certain holidays of course. This all leads to a big finale of this story arc which we ultimately have planned out but we still need to figure out some of the stuff that goes in the middle. Either way, I'm confident it'll be awesome and I think players will appreciate it.

Some things are still unknown in the end of this release and that's on purpose. I won't mention anything here because I think it ruins it if I spell everything out for you. Either way, I hope everyone enjoys the new turn of events. We're all really excited about it. I realize it'll be fairly short to beat but really, this is a release that's all about the story. We're really trying to push MechQuest forward.

Anywho, we have some new weapons with new specials. Let's go to Blues.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Whatever happened to that <s>Dragonoid Star Captain Monthly Mecha</s> Release?

Yes I stole a joke from the forums. I found it funny. Thank you, zanathos.

ANYWHO!!!! Equip your energy blades. You'll be happier. And you want to be happy.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A bit late but here the specials for the new NUBERTRON:

Head: 1 hit laser (CD 5)

- enemy level nerf, roll between 3 and 7 levels, 100% activation on hit doesnt wear off of course
- +20 BtH )
- -15 enemy def
- -15 enemy BtH

effects last 5 turns

Shoulders: 1 Hit laser (CD 0)

No additional special!
Combo with head and arms --> high crit chance!

FA: 3 Hits machine gun (CD 3)

- increasing damage

BA: 1 Hit flame thrower (CD 3)

- chancel for a 1.5 time HP DoT , lasts 3 turns

Now the specials for all Weapons:

Each Weapon gives +LUK temporary additional. .
Each Weapon starts with a 30% crit chance.
Adding +10% crit per activation.
When you break the chain with a non default Weapon, defaults go back to 30% crit and start from there again.

bzzzzt Maegwyn breaks in
That's how it's supposed to work indeed! But Nuberizing does some realllly strange stuff sometimes, like in the Diner Challenges and in Stat Training... Also, if you're low-level ... Nuberizing your opponent doesn't always quite work as intended. It doesn't just make him a n00ber - it makes him into a wet nooodle! Look at him crosseyed and he'll fall over... Also sometimes the combo isn't quite right. So yeah, we're working on these Gremlins.

bzzzzt back over to blues

And the brand new Choco BunZ promo item (FS):

3 Hits

Hit 1: chance for a crit, chance for a HP/EP DoT
Hit 2: chance for a crit, chance for a HP/EP DoT
Hit 3: chance for a crit, chance for a HP/EP DoT

You can get 3 DoT´s, lasting 3 turns. CD of the Weapon is 3.
It purges all existing DoT´s!


And the new Weapons:

CD = 3, effects last 3 turns.

We have a NSC, SC and NG Weapon this Friday for you.
All have the same special but the effects are better: NG > SC > NSC

They get a damage increasing DoT which has an increasing chance to crit.
Sounds not too special.... well, you must test them to get a feeling for this amazing new special. :)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update Check

Thank you, Blues. A very hefty post indeed. And while on the subject of weapons, I realized I forgot to do the check in Warlic's office which I have now fixed. Going there after completing the quests will earn you the new weapons that Blues mentioned. As for the Choco BunZ promo item, you'll need to pick up an Artix Entertainment upgrade card from any local stores that may have one! If I were super responsible, I would have a list of stores. Unfortunately I don't so I'm useless there but then again, I just spent the last 72 hours of my life working almost non-stop. Worth it though.

So the Lucky Star Captain Mecha are no longer available but now you have (hopefully) unbugged and fully color customizable versions! I hope you enjoy those as well.

Finally, let us know in the forums what you think of the release! Otherwise, have a great weekend.