Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bugfixing Tuesday!

This was an exciting weekend for me, because I was able to fix two Gremlins that weren't plain typofixes! Just small things, but this means I can help a little more, and I find that thrilling. Apparition helped test those and indeed the fixes worked! Korin fixed some other things so that we now have a nice fixlist to give you. Also the other excitement was that I had a nice little mini-vacation Sunday overnight through Monday - and saw something that might have been an otter! It wasn't a snake, and there was no tailslap like a beaver would most likely do when startled, and the only other likely thing that would be diving sleekly underwater in this swamp was a River Otter!

Anyway, here's the fixlist:

A) Note: in the Parts quest, the battles to defend the Daily Zargon Headquarters are not intended to heal you - you only get healed after the Refinery battles. Not a bug.

B) Typos fixed in speech bubbles with Bruce Benner at the end of Rescue the Heroes

Westion: Walkaround with Homesteader fixed

Desert Nosferatu - one lingering issue where a popup said the enemy was affected instead of the player, now fixed. (Used to say, "Enfeeblement! Desert Nosferatu grows weaker!" Now correctly displays player's name.)

Female Elf costume now jingles as intended.

Color on Automorph BA no longer changes to default blue on animation.