Thursday, September 19, 2013

We Arr So Busy

Star Date: 14 15 18 19 20 September, 3013

TLaPD! Arr, me hearties! Ye'll see th' Dread Pirate Rhubarb on th' Main Street o'Soluna City an' he'll take yer ta places piratical (of the past) and new 3013 shops. Blade updated the ol' Boneyface head - festooned it wi' new feathers, he did! An' I made ye Star Cap'ns a "Sea Shanty Generator." 

Things written previously & not yet shared wi' ye - we arr so busy:

Dragon*Con: It was wonderful to see so many of you - you are the reason I go! I hope to see you again (or for the first time) next year! 

Artix did a wonderful Dragon*Con recap a while back, with many great photos - here's the link

I was very honored when Artix took the time during the panel to thank me and the MechQuest team. I am hoping that someone has video.

I am still sorting through over 800 mostly blurry images taken with my phone... so I have a couple of good ones to share with you that were taken by other people.

Here is a fun group shot from after the AE panel. Zorbak and Otter noface 300w.jpg












Dragon_Girl brought Twilly & Zorbak for a photo op, and the otter that ACW0 gave me for my birthday got into the picture as well. It's lucky that Gjappy was standing by as a Guardian Angel - that sword arm is menacing! Many thanks to Dragon_Girl for sending me this photo! 

More things of note were to go here, but...

Incoming transmission! 

"Hi, I'm Blade. A relatively new Assistant artist (Or whatever my title at this point is) for Mechquest."

bzz...right... I need to look into his actual title... =Mae out ...bzzt

"Part of making a war like this is making main art assets so you can play in a war zone. I spent about 2 weeks working on barricades like wooden spikes and sand bags, banners, signs, graffiti and posters, war NPC's like the Korin and Practel supporters, and Practel's NPC, war rewards, and a few other things that I can't really talk about for fear that Practel and Korin would send ninjas after me if I gave up any secrets.."

bzzabeep...incoming transmission #2 from Practel failed to update. #BlamePractel zzzzt

Thanks for the update, Blade!

War. Is. Coming. Watch out for that guy... Everyone is busy with school & related things, so we've had a bit of delay - if all goes well the war will launch at the end of this month; if there are hiccups, it'll be October. Prepare yourselves... 

Ok I've got to stop wrapping this up & roll you out the TLaPD release!

Have a great weekend!