Giant Mecha. Fantasy Worlds.

Now Recruiting Mecha Pilots!

Save the Universe

Explore new worlds, uncover old magics and new technologies, and crush your enemies!

The Mission

Save the universe from the ShadowScythe, aliens fighting to destroy space and time

The Combat

Battle giant enemies inside your mecha, pilot a starship, or go head-to-head in combat

The Training

Learn how to save ALL the worlds at the G.E.A.R.S. University

The Elite

Unlock exclusive Star Captain zones, a starship, adventures, and features


A universe of adventures is waiting for every mecha pilot brave enough to sign up!

Your Mecha

Whether you like to strike hard, dodge quickly, or blast your enemy with energy, Tek has a mecha for you!

Your Arsenal

Giant robots, spaceships, and LASERS!

Your Allies

Join a G.E.A.R.S University House to unlock different mecha, unique weapons, and allies in competition

Visit the account manage site to upgrade your account with a one-time payment or buy Nova Gems for exclusive gear!

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