Friday, February 14, 2014

Special Event Richy Saturday

Star Date: 14 February, 3014:

Richy the Rich Guy In Town! The "Possible Riches" mission is available NOW - one of the students standing somewhere on Soluna City's Main Street wants to offer you a challenge. The location of that student may change, so be sure to walk East and West to find him or her.  You will battle a variety of students in your mecha, with a chance to encounter Richy the Rich Guy.  

Because it was nearly impossible to find him when this mission was introduced, this weekend we have a LIMITED TIME SPECIAL:

Saturday, February 15th from 11 AM until 2 PM (Server Time) you will have an EXCELLENT chance to face Richy the Rich Guy in your "Possible Riches" missions!  There will be only three possible enemies in the last battle and each one has an equal chance to be your opponent. This means that the probability of facing Richy the Rich Guy is 1/3 instead of 1/64! So don't forget to log in during the LIMITED TIME SPECIAL, and tell your friends, too! 

Also February 15th (available NOW) is Blues' birthday! Happy Birthday, Blues! Get your Blues' Tech Blade (specially created by Minar) in the birthday shop button in Soluna Main to celebrate the occasion!


More exciting news to come later. I just wanted to be sure you knew about the LIMITED TIME SPECIAL!!! in time to plan ahead for it.

Happy Valentine's Day!



Saturday, February 8, 2014

All the Things Are Awesome

Star Date: 8 February, 3014

Brickity! These Back Arm weapons might remind you of Lego (TM) pieces, but they are made of brightly-colored bricks. The specials team up together to make all the things awesome! Here's blues with the details:


- CD=0
- 150% damage
- chooses 1 out of the following  specials, they stay til end of fight all together. No special can happen 2 times. Once a DoT is applied it increases its damage by 50% every turn caps at 250%!

- special list:
- Normal HP DoT, +50 BtH for weapon only
- Normal EP DoT, +25 def
- immores reduce by 80 and try to stun
- heals HP by 50% of damage done
- reduces enemy EP to 50% of current value and damages enemy HP with 50% of normal damage


Thanks, blues! And thanks to Vivi for coding this, and to Blade for the art & animation.

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