Monday, May 3, 2010

Maypril and Bugfixing!

Korin and the entire MQ team would like to thank you for making the Maypril release a wonderful day for MechQuest!

*X-Boost on facebook - This was the topmost dire Gremlin on the list, and it is now fixed! Your X-Boosts work again when you log in via facebook - I tested this myself.

*Witch Launcher Series - Some of the Witch Launchers mysteriously became invisible recently. They are visible again!

*Maypril Fools Front Arms - Before the midnight release, we made a small change to the extra shot on the Front Arm - unfortunately the change was a little flibberty. We read on the forums that some models were still capable of doing a whopping 500 damage in one turn! This arm was intended to be powerful... but not quite that powerful.

Now. The question is: how is it now? The Maypril Fools mechas were intended to be powerful with all the defaults equipped, and of course you can customize them by equipping something different in the equippable slots - but we do want this front arm to be nice. While these will not be restored to their former overpowered glory, your input will be taken into consideration as we are always open to your feedback in the Game Balance Discussion section of the MQ Forums.

What? You fixed... 3 things?
Yep! Normally on Sundays, I go over the spreadsheet and determine what Gremlins are the most dire of all. Then on Monday, I start giving the list to Korin and whomever can code fixes. And we go down the list and get as much fixed as possible.

So... this Sunday I didn't follow my usual routine. My friends and family got a little Maegwyn-attention.

I got up extra-early this morning to prep for Buggy Monday. I believe the Gremlins felt slighted by their Sunday neglect! First they invaded the AE servers (some of you experienced downtime) - then they wandered into how my antivirus program was interacting with my browser, tinkered with my router, and it seems that they even tried to take on The Google! After hours of changing settings and disabling/enabling things, finally I can has The Google again! And my confusing and colorful spreadsheet!

Being as it was rather late in the day when I finally got my system to behave... we .. got a few things fixed. Which is good! I know some of you have been waiting for other fixes which are also high-priority, and these are coming S.O.O.N. (that's Soon Ohyes Oh-indeed-not Never). We will be bringing you a much larger bugfixing day. Soon. (Which does not mean Someday Or Otherwise Never!)

Anyway! Thanks for playing MechQuest. If you haven't registered for the forums yet, please check out this link for a friendly environment where you can talk with your fellow players and even Korin himself!