Saturday, May 4, 2013

Maypril Weapon scheduled for SUNDAY 5 May 2013 - Shooting for noon server time! 

I think the weapon is looking good! Just needs me to do a bunch of database entries (unless I or another tester finds a last-minute Gremlin) - and I also need to adjust some files before rolling the Go.Oogly series Live.

Going to get some sleep and I'll catch you on the bounce-around! With a shop and lots of nice weapons for you!



Monday, April 25, 2011

Maypril 3011 Pricing

The Prices Are Both Great AND Greaqt!**

As promised, here is the advance-notice rundown of the pricing for the One-Day-Only Maypril Mecha Models for 3011 

Credits models - Star Captains get exclusive specials! 
L10 (levels with you to 14) - 30000 credits 
L15 (levels with you to 19) - 180000 credits 
L20 (levels with you to 24) - 240000 credits 
L25 (levels with you to 29) - 300000 credits 
L30 (levels with you to 34) - 360000 credits 
L35 (levels with you to 39) - 420000 credits 
L40 (levels with you to 44) - 480000 credits 
L45 (levels with you to 49) - 540000 credits 

Nova Gem models are deeply* discounted!  These Maypril NG models are priced at 10% below the cost of a normal, non-scaling mecha model of the base level! So for example, a normal, non-Holiday, non-scaling Level 41 mecha is priced at 2050 Nova Gems. The Maypril NG version is ten percent lower than that!!

(Normally, a rare levels-with-you model that goes all the way from L41 to L50 would be... the price of a rare L50. See for example the Shadowwolf DX41 / Shadowhawk DX41 / Shadowraven DX41 - which price out at 3000 NGs.)

Nova Gem Models - Discounted! 
L11 (levels with you to 20) - 495 NGs 
L21 (levels with you to 30) - 945 NGs 
L31 (levels with you to 40) - 1395 NGs 
L41 (levels with you to 50) - 1845 NGs

So, stock up on those Nova Gems and "farm" those credits!

**Korin and Vivi and I had a discussion to set these prices.  After we hammered out the details, and I set up a chart for us with the pricing schedule, I asked Vivi to proofread.

Vivi says (4:00 PM)prices look greaqt***

great even

Korin says (4:02 PM)let it be known. the prices are both great AND greaqt

Maegwyn AE says (4:02 PM)HAHA

I shall let this be known > : D promised... 


Friday, April 2, 2010

Post-April Fools and on to Easter!

We meet again. Much less stressful week. We did release a tad late but we were doing some thorough testing on the Revived Bunzilla. I figure it's worth the extra 30+ minutes.

We opened up the previous Chickee War which also has the Egg Hunt release from the year before that. I would like to note that the Chickee War now has no war. It's just the quests. You do still need to beat the boss before accessing the shops. Same goes for the new release which is a simple boss fight then rewards.

Revived Bunzilla is the main reward. It's the white one that jumps underground since we all need clarification including myself. You can also get a monster mecha version of the boss. If you are kind enough to get the NG version, you can actually choose the attacks. The SC and NSC choose attacks randomly. This is af eature I'm quite proud of despite how simple it was to do but don't ruin my moment :P

Regardless, nice easy release. I should also point out that I accidentally ended the St. Patrick's Day release early and now you should be able to access it through the April Fools shop using the GIANT button at the top which will take you to the rainbow town and also progress you to top rank. I apologize for yanking it away a couple days early.

A lot of you seemed to love teh new sounds. Unfortunately (or fortunately...) we can't make a toggle on or off so the sounds are gone forever. Might bring them back next year. Who knows? Hopefully some people got it on youtube.

The April Fools shops as well as St. Patrick's Day shops will remain open until Monday afternoon. Expect a Mayrpil Fools Mecha in May. Hopefully May 1st. Sorry for the delay on that but there's realistically way too much to do but I assure you we have more exciting stuff planned in a couple weeks. We have people working very hard on content for the upcoming releases. I hope to finally recapture the style used in the days of old where planets had walkable areas. Things are looking good on that front so we'll see more on that soon.

Anyways, hope everyone has a great weekend. And if you celebrate Easter, have a very Happy Easter. Don't forget to tell your friends to play MechQuest! Boy I hope I didn't forget something... If I did I'm certain I'll be back later with an update. But before I go, I just remembered. Personator had his wisdom teeth removed. Let us laugh in a supporting fashion that his mouth is so sore that he can't open it. Haha! Just kidding Personator. Good show. Feel better. Alright I'm tired of typing. And I'm hungry. We'll post special information from Blues about the Bunzilla sometime soon so don't panic. I'm just not sure where it's at and as I previously stated, I'm hungry. So see you next week!

P.S. Enjoy the Korin heads. I was sad that I had to make them and release them :( Despite the fact that it was fun to animate. Also expect 2 more transformations for it soon. Alright seriously. Hungry. Later.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I see everyone is freaking out that we haven't said much so I decided that while I'm still here at the Underground Lab today that I would go ahead and let you know what's going on.

First off, 2 holidays right next to each other. Both holidays appear to be things people want celebrated pretty badly. Unfortunately, coming up with a new mech in a week is flat out impossible with the current schedule everyone has. We're all working very hard on the next several releases already so that their content will be ready. Unfortunately, that leaves us little time for this week so to answer questions,

I will begin with no. There is no April Fools mecha this year. We thought about reviving one of the old ones but I think of those as extreme rares and I would be hesitant to rerelease those. The Easter mecha seem less-rare to me so for mechas this week, you'll be getting a revived Easter mecha. I don't think we've figured out which one yet and if we did, I've forgotten it since I'm trying to get a dozen other things in order.

I will continue by saying that there will still be an April Fools item and maybe some foolery going on. The item seems to be in demand but we'll see when it launches. Only thing we haven't decided is if we should roll the item at midnight tonight or Thursday at normal roll time, followed by the Easter stuff on Friday. So more to come on that.

I'm hoping to make it so the old Easter quests are replayable. I need to talk with Warlic about how to set that up because it seems like the Easter releases were set up in the most chaotic way possible.

That said, there will be a new, single fight Easter quest and it will have 2 rewards. One being the revived mecha, the other being a monster mecha.

And trust us when I say we're all well aware about how disappointed you will be since you've been expecting one all week. It just won't happen, at least not this week. If I were to try and compromise, I would suggest that we schedule an April Fools day mecha on May. And call it the "April Fools Edition Mecha Now in May" mecha. Any of you have thoughts on that? I'm perfectly willing to try and make a solution but thinking of us as realistic human beings, it just won't happen this week but I'm willing to work with you all on coming up with something as exciting.

On a lighter note, we're changing some sound effects soon. Don't be alarmed. I started playing with some audio tools and I figured out how to make them with more bass and they sound nice. However, feedback is always welcome and we'll change them back if you guys don't like them.

That's all I have to say right now, I think. So we apologize for the inconvenience (since I'm sure there is one) but let us know what you think about delaying an April Fools mech to a not-April-1st date.