Friday, May 14, 2010

Ninja Outfit

So first off, yes. Small release. I decided to take this time to check out how basic the sword fighting system is really code and as I found out, while it is basic in terms of functionality, it is ridiculously complicated when it comes to how it was coded. So in essence, it got a face lift. Here are a few things that would've come out, had there not been so many hoops to jump through to get this stuff to work: More variations of monsters, More energy blade weapons that included the magic spells (certain old energy blade weapons will get magic eventually as well), another training quest.

I'm sure I missed something. Anyways, it seems small but it was enough work to keep me working late nights. While I'm doing this, Arklen is animating the first boss monster which may come next week or the week after. Jemini is working on some stuff for the homepage as well as making backgrounds for the first boss and next week's release. We have another project going on that will go into Soluna which should be a fun thing. I have Maegwyn helping me get things in order for an updated C-Mail that will basically tell you what you need to do for each of the storylines that are required to access Yokai. This should make it much easier to see if you need to complete a certain quest or not.

However, all of this proved too much for one week. The cosmetics of the swordfighting have changed. Soon, when I can find a programmer that has time, it will get updated scaling and specials. For now, the ninja class will remain over-powered and we will just slowly trickle magic effects into existing energy weapons. I'll make sure we note which ones get them. The blade katana is just a small sample.

The attack extra moves make it much less mind-numbing. In te future there will be cooldowns and special attributes making the player choose what classes to be. At least, that's my goal.

On another note, I know some people are feeling bad for new players that have to come in and start playing and not have access to a new release but at the same time, I would think that a newer release wouldn't be available to the beginners. My stance on this whole pre-requisites issue is that, in any game you play, you're never ever to play the last level right away or play the middle level right away. You always start at the beginning and work your way. That's my opinion of how MechQuest should be but as I said before, if you all really want the game to be wide-open and not have the player required to see a part of the story that a newer part of the story is dependant on, then yeah, I'll open it up.

On the next note, I do apologize for the release being small. As I said earlier, it was supposed to be much bigger but certain things just kept me from progressing. I understand many of you are upset about that but all I can really say is that life happens. We're a little short-handed at the moment and there's a LOT going on in the background. More of these background details will be revealed early next week so feel free to look forward to them.

As for the weapons:

Yo-yu-mi: 55% chances for crits on both hits.

Maki-Suro: Lowers enemy defense by 30 for 2 turns. Guaranteed on hit.

Juugeki-Saisa: Front arm increases in damage per hit. Accuracy increases by 10 for the first 3 hits as well. 4th hit offers an accuracy nerf of -30 and lasts 3 turns which has an 80% chance of triggering.

The back arm increases damage per hit, with +12 accuracy on hits 1, 2, and 3. Then an accuracy nerf of -40 for 3 turns. Guaranteed when it hits. Hits 2 and 4 will heal half of the damage done for those 2 hits.

So there you have it. New stuff all laid out. More is definitely to come in the future. Next week will be a standard quest release with some rewards. Probably going to get those extra monsters out around Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience. I notice I say that a lot these days. Enjoy your weekends!