Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend! Here in the US, we celebrate Memorial Day on the last Monday of May - which is this weekend! So I'm sure lots of you will be busy with parades and picnics and barbecues and cookouts and parties. Have fun - and don't forget that your MechQuest team is still working to get the new Star Captain Monthly Mecha ready! (And yes, that's fun for us! We'll get some celebrating in as well.)

This mecha is yet another amazing design by Thyton, with specials by blues. The AC-490 mechas will be rolling in to Tek's Monthly Shop in Soluna on Monday, so if you're inside cooling off, why not log in to MechQuest for a peek!

New Weapons in Miko's Shops! Minar, whom some of you may know from the forums, designed and animated some very cool new weapons for Planet Yokai this week. Visit Miko's shop to check these out - there is a Front Arm, Dragon Fury, in the Nova Gem shop; in the regular shop you will find the Straw Hat for Star Captains and also the Scroll Beam Front Shoulder (available to all players).

Snake Master Reward Shops: We discovered that some of you were having trouble unlocking these shops after completing the new Temple of Masters mission from Miko on Planet Yokai. There was much emailing and texting and instant-messaging, phoning and testing and troubleshooting - many thanks to Korin for rolling Fix #1 (which alas didn't completely solve this for everyone - Fix #2 will come soon) and to Vivi for posting the following workaround on the forums:

Gremlin Workaround by Vivi: If you're still having trouble accessing the reward shops after beating the Snake Master, please complete the Assault Mission one more time. This should cause the lock next to the shops to become an exclamation point and then defeating the Snake Master will unlock the shops properly. We'll try to get the quest fixed so that this isn't necessary, but for now this is how you get into the reward shops. Sorry for any inconvenience.

So have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for playing MechQuest! Please tell your friends, too. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the upcoming weeks!

What with all the shop-gremlin-busting activity, I completely forgot to deliver the Design Notes from Blues! So here they are: