Monday, May 31, 2010

AC-490 Specials!

You waited long but now he is ready!

Here are the specials for the MAY SCMM, the AC-490

All specials are on Hit

Head: AC-490 Lazer Charger - CD=5 (2 hits)

- Normal HP DoT* ---> increasing damage by +15% per turn
- Normal EP DoT* ---> increasing damage by +10% per turn
*Note: starts at the normal DoT for the mecha's actual base level, and increases as stated.
both DoT´s don´t wear off

Body: Kick of Steel - CD=5 (1 hit)

- Enemy defense NoT. Starting with -8 and increases by -8 every turn
doesn´t wear off

FA: Steel Bastion - CD=3 (2 hits)

- Player defense BoT. Starting with +8, increases by +8 every turn
doesn´t wear off. Hit 1 - chance for a critical hit.

BA: AC-490 Tri-Blade - CD=3 (1 hit)

- enemy damage NoT. Starting with -10, increases by 10 every turn.
lasts only 3 turns

Shoulders: CD=3
FS AC-490 Laser Cannon (3 hits)
BS AC-490 Laser Repeater (1 hit)

- enemy accuracy nerf, stacking.
Every shoulder activation nerfs enemy accuracy by 8.

The main ability of this Mecha is to boost its damage by 5%
every turn when all defaults are equipped. When you change
one Weapon you will lose this ability. So think twice before you
change him.

Have fun!!!