Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Buggy Monday and more

Before I get into the bug fixes, I want to point out that AQWorlds is updating their Verification Shop! This means that by upgrading in AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest, you can get access to THREE (3) brand new classes this weekend in AQW! You don't even need an AQW membership to get them! Each class will also have it's own unique skills!

If you have already purchased a membership in DragonFable, MechQuest or AdventureQuest then you will need to verify your accounts in AQW, which you can do HERE.

If you are having trouble verifying your memberships in one of the other games, CLICK HERE for help!

You may find more information in the AQWorlds Design Notes which can be found HERE.

On to Buggy Monday.

NO MORE Blackscreen when leaving Yokai and trying to walk out of the Dean's office fixed (you now go outside the University instead of into the Dean's Office).

Fixed over the weekend: issue with swordfight enemy freezing.

Mechas that prevented you from going to the next screen in walkaround quests fixed: The Psychic Wings, the Eggs, the original Werewolf series and also the newer Werewolf series

Jawseph's Acid DoT now works

Energy Vein no longer carries its damage boosts to the next battle (both arms)

Plasma Guns now do the correct damage for each of the 4 hits (the last 2 were doing lower damage than they should've been)

Lucky Blademasters now changed over to Bladestorm name and description; body animations fixed and everything should now be working as intended.

NSC and SC Mechula head: incorrect numbers in description of head's 2nd hit changed to 15 as intended - also, Front Arm special for all 3 versions of the Mechula now has a popup.

We got a good chunk of fixes out of the way today and it felt great. Now for this week, the Dojo at the far end of the town in Yokai will be explored. You'll fight a brand new enemy as you begin your hosile takeover of the town to return it to it's rightful citizens. There will also be more new weapons and hopefuly we'll get those alternate Sam Rye versions out in time.

I understand many of you are still having trouble finding your way to Yokai. We're working on a big improvement to the C-Mail system that will let you see exactly what you're at in each required storyline. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce our latest friend to step up to the plate.

Vivi is going to be helping us out with a lot of testing and possibly more but he'll be especially valuable because, and he may not even know it yet, he'll be helping us get the C-Mail system in working order! We should optimistically have it up and running next week or the week after that. This week would be fantastic but I have no idea if it's possible yet. So big thanks and congratulations to Vivi.

As for everyone that's having problems, please bare with us. We know it's frustrating and annoying but we really think it's good for the game's integrity to have a storyline and this new system should REALLY help out. Until then, I do greatly apologize for the inconveniences. My advice would be to simply go back to the required planets and try beating the final bosses/quests again.

In either case, hope everyone had a great Monday. I also hope the rest of the week gos great as well. As always, thanks for playing.