Friday, April 16, 2010

The war continues! And still Rixty!

Don't forget to check out the Rixty Promotion! Information is on the post below this one.

In other news, we have a new quest for the war on Lagos. Prince Robert needs your help to steal back an Arthurian Ship that has been stolen by the Shadowscythe! This quest would be wise to do as it gives you 7 war victories for 3 fights. Sounds like a great deal to me.

We've also released an extended Intro cutscene. We had to leave this part out last week because the NPC wasn't finished yet but when you see the NPC, you won't care because it's just awesome. We'll also be releasing another cutscene next week to inform you of what Warlic and company has found out about that purple-haired girl.

We've released another shoulder weapon in the NG salvage shops and there are 2 weapons waiting for you in the 50% shops. There is one SC and one NSC back shoulder weapon. We'll post their specials soon.

We've got a huge to-do-list for the next planet. Everyone has harsh deadlines. We will be working very hard the next 2 weeks so I hope everyone's looking forward to that. On that note, everyone have a great weekend. Thanks for playing MQ!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enjoy the brand new Rixty promo Rocket Launcher

Rixty Promo (Rocket Launcher) CD=3

Increasing damage for all Hits

- Hit 1: chance for -40 enemy BtH
- Hit 2: chance for -30 damage
- Hit 3: chance for -50 enemy defense
- Hit 4: chance for a crit

and it´s got an additional special: when all 4 Hits connect, it has a chance for an increasing
HP DoT. Starts as normal DoT and increases every turn by 10% damage.
Stays the whole fight. Doesn´t this sound fantastic?

And not to forget, once you reach 25% you will unlock the first shop
which contains a NG Shoulder: (CD=3)

Against non ShS enemies it just does 1.25 times damage. Now you may think
this is weak.... well, test it against ShS enemies:

Weapon starts with +50 BtH against ShS enemies
Increasing damage for every Hit

- Hit 1: chance for -40 enemy BtH
- Hit 2: chance for a double HP DoT
- Hit 3: chance for +40 defense
- Hit 4: chance for a crit and additional chance for an extra Hit

Does this sound sweet or does this sound sweet?
Crushing ShS enemies never was soooo sweet as with this Weapon.
More to come....

Have fun!