Friday, May 29, 2015

The Lost Shipment

Greetings! Tonight we've got several things for you.

First up I did some rebalancing to the Memorial Day Mecha. They were a bit weaker than they should have been so I buffed them!

All 3 version have the same stats, based on type, on each that way people can just pick which they like.

115/120/125% damage
Nerfs immores by -50(-55/-60) and attempts a stun.
15% (20%/25%) chance for a 2 turn energy regen halt.

110/115/120% damage
If at least one of the hits connects.
3 turn 1.5 (2/2.5)x HP DoT
3 turn enemy damage nerf of -30(-35/-40)

Starts at 125% damage
Damage increase per use, stacks using either shoulder. +25% damage up to cap of +50% extra damage. (175% damage total)
Stacking enemy Bonus nerf. -15(-20/-25) per use, either shoulder, up to a cap of -50 Bonus.

100% damage
Increases Boost by 25(30/35) for 3 turns.
Increase Bonus by 15(20/25) for 3 turns.

0% damage
4 turn defense buff of 40(45/50)
Heals 10% of your max HP.

These will be sticking around till Monday the 1st so pick one up by then if you want!

Next up it was Jemini's Birthday yesterday! You can pick up a hologram for your starship in Soluna Main to celebrate!

This week's mission is to help Tek! One of her normal item deliveries went missing! She needs your help to recover the items! If you succeed then a new head weapon awaits you!

LazerHead Series

150% total damage split over 5 hits. Starts at low damage and ramps up.
60 CD
- Hit 1: 20% damage
- Hit 2: 25% damage
- Hit 3: 30% damage
- Hit 4: 35% damage
- Hit 5: 40% damage

Inflicts a (-5/-6) * (number of hits connected) 40 turn nerf to Dodge

Hopefully you all enjoy the mission! We're continuing to work on some changes that will be coming out soon!

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