What are NovaGems?

NovaGems are a special currency used in MechQuest. With NovaGems, you can purchase more hangar space (which allows you to keep more mechas) and additional item slots. Also, you will find special Nova Gem shops throughout the MechQuest multiverse, selling powerful mechas, stat-boosting mecha mods, devastating weapons and energy blades, extra-special Starship items, and the Mocha Cola temporary health and energy boost (just to name a few of the extra-special things that NovaGems can get you).

Spend NovaGems on Cool game items like:

  • Veloci-Mecha
  • War Ram Mecha
  • Purity Blade
  • Robotic Riffle
  • Stonecrusher Axe

Check out some incredible NovaGem items

Here's a list of the ways you can get NovaGems:

We offer purchasable NovaGem packages. Just click the link on the Homepage "Get NovaGems" (beneath the Play button) to choose the NovaGem package that suits you - whether you prefer them in a large bundle or a smaller quantity!


By participating in the AExtras offers, you can earn NovaGems. Most offers require you to sign up to a website, answer a survey, buy something,or sign up for a trial. Each offer will show you how many NovaGems it is worth if you complete it. If you are eligible and you complete the offer, your character will automatically get the NovaGems in MechQuest! Read all about AExtras and log in on this page to participate


Every day that you play MechQuest, you have the opportunity to go to the movies! Just go to Cinemech in Soluna City - or click the camera button on the menu bar on your screen - and as a reward for watching the daily advertisements, up to the daily limit, you will earn a reward - which includes the chance to get NovaGems!

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