Friday, October 7, 2011

Take the Floorivator to the Party

The Floorivator is Working! Go to Tek's Mechs in Soluna City and use the Tour button to get down to the party! Play the Scrap's Delight minigame to earn Golden Tokens for the merge shop - this year's Anniversary mecha model is the Golden Katana series. This classic design has been revamped - Korin added new features including head and body attack animations. Vivi tweaked the game engine (be sure to refresh your browser so that you have Gamma 3_9_8) to implement a much-improved Dodge.  The Golden Katana series body weapons have a built-in addition to Dodge - note that we are easing in to introducing the improved function, so we kept the numbers conservative.  Non-Star Captains get +8, Star Captains get +10, and Nova Gem models have +12. Blues designed the specials for these Katana mecha models. I made a gazillion versions of them so you should all have something either to use now or to level up and use soon.  Speaking of leveling up - Korin showed me how to implement the Experience and Credit boost feature in the engine, so enjoy that added celebration bonus this week!


Our upgrade to Engine 3.9.8 has brought a new function to the Dodge and Hit stats. They don't affect attack accuracy anymore, but now they will protect you from your enemy's status effects or make it easier to inflict your own statuses! The rules for these stats are simple:

  1. They only work on statuses that would show up under "Resistances and Statuses" on your battle sheet. Things like Bonus Damage and Healing cannot be defended against.
  2. They only work against statuses inflicted by your enemy, so you don't have to worry about dodging your own buff effect.
  3. The chance a dodgeable status will be inflicted is [100-(Target's Dodge)+(Attacker's Hit)]%.

With Defense and Bonus fulfilling the same roles that Dodge and Hit used to, these stats have seen little use in MechQuest. After this change, expect to see them used a lot more!
If you think the Dodge bonus on the Golden Katanas is too small, don't worry just yet. While we're very excited to make use of our newly adjusted stats we're also making sure to ease ourselves into them to preserve balance as best as possible. Who knows what we might do with them in the future?

 Thank you, Vivi, for this fantastic update and for the added details explaining the Dodge feature's function!

Korin is working on brand-new weapons for the Salvage field, which we'll be updating again in the upcoming weeks.  He took the time to teach me the process of updating Soluna City to have the fireworks feature, That actually taught me a lot more than the one specific thing - it's always good to be able to do more.

Minar made us some new Starship items! Get a Confetti Cannon, Cake, Presents and Balloons while you're 'downstairs' on the Floorivator. I added the code to make the Confetti Cannon interactive (just run up to it and you'll see) and I also made this year's Yearbook (easy) and the Golden Katana Action Figure (amazed that I remembered all of Warlic's instructions since I couldn't find my notes).

Happy Anniversary! Party!!!11elevne