Friday, September 14, 2012

ED MQ Crossover and DOOM

This is quite the week for Design Notes! First, a word from Plasma Charge.

Star Date: September  14th, 3012

DOOOOOOOOM!!! Darkness and Light.

A message to all mecha pilots.

In Soluna city a dark cloud looms over the Mysterious Emporium, more and more citizens have been reporting sightings of a cloaked stranger near the shop, when a brave few attempted to talk to him they say he vanished into the shadows.  They also heard him say a name… your name.

This week to follow up on the Ghost hunter update we have brand new levels of Doom Cell merge ghost hunter mechs (sweet new specials thanks to Blues!), and an exclusive NG Sepulchure of DOOM mecha (which levels all the way to 100 with you!) both of which WILL BE available from the Mysterious Stranger on the East side of Soluna City. 

Update: The Sepulchure of Doom is available NOW! The Eidolon type has some issues and its release is being pushed back until next week when we can resolve them so you have a nicely-working model to pilot! =Mae & Korin Now back to Plasma Charge...

When you’re finished outfitting yourself with these awesome new items, head to the starport, because we’re heading back to Liath!  After meeting the stone curtain you’re going to have return to Soluna to retrieve the Liath artifact from Val, just be careful of the ever-aggressive Fauna of the monochrome planet.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m Plasma Charge - along with Practel I help pre-test MQ! I began to play AE games back in June 2008 I started with Adventure Quest and then discovered Dragon Fable and more importantly Mech Quest, ironically my first memory of MQ was being owned by the portal Doom Knight! Currently I’m a tester for MQ and AQW and I also help Arch Knight in MQ pedia, Gremlins and HSGD of course if you’ve seen me on the forums you probably already know that! =P If you have any other questions feel free to ask them on the forums. 

Hope you guys all have a great weekend, watch out for Gremlins and thanks for playing MechQuest!

Thanks! There is also news from Titan of the MechQuest/Epic Duel Crossover!

The Dragonoid has come to [EpicDuel]!

Calling all MechQuest enthusiasts, an exciting crossover event is
taking place on the planet Delta V in [EpicDuel] right now!  Last week,
Dravax the Harbinger came seeking Char and brought with him a great
danger to the inhabitants of Delta V.  In the face of danger, you made
your voices loud and clear!   You chose to defend Charfade and Delta V
to the last!  While noble, your resistance has done little to
discourage Dravax and the planet-destroying Dragonoid!

Charfade is so pleased by your overwhelming support that she's
constructed a new series of items to offer in her Limited Quantity
Shop.  She's also reverse engineered Dravax's technology to produce
class-changing variants of the Harbinger Armor and a teleportation
device that might just allow you to reprogram the Dragonoid from
within.  There's also a 2.2% chance you'll be jettisoned into the
abyss of space, but it's worth a shot!

Will you help defend Charfade and Delta V from near certain doom?  The
final hour of judgment approaches in the Dragon's Reckoning event,
happening now in [EpicDuel]

Are you ready?

Thanks, Titan!

So after you catch up with tonight's MQ release, head on over to ED to check out the crossover! If you haven't caught up on the MQ storyline "Dragonoid Saga" chapters featuring the character we know as Char, taking some time to complete that will help fill you in on a bit of backstory regarding what's happening in Epic Duel.

Have a great weekend, all!